Daria Held.

Designer, illustrator, textile and theatre costume designer.

I’ve staged more than 30 theatre performances (Irkutsk, Seversk, Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, France). Now I live in Regensburg, Germany.

I've been costume designer in Idea Implementation company for 5 years. I took part in musicals, performances and festivals production in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow as well as in Norway. To name some of them: 3D Musical “Pola Negri” and musical “Juliette and Romeo” by Palace of Culture n.a. Lensovet, musical “Master and Margarita” by Music Hall Theatre, show “Colored dreams of white night”. Costumes for the musical performance “Music of the silver needle” based on the songs of Boris Grebenshikov and Aquarium band, costumes for the project "Heavenly Carousel", Freak-show “Bes Snov” (Dreams Devil). International Festival “All Together Opera”, International festival “Circle of Light”, WBFF European ProAm, 3rd CISM World Winter Games, and others.

Besides I am a frequent participant and prize-winner of numerous fashion contests – Fashion Assembly, Pigmalion, Ethno-PODIUM.

Prizes for the Performance “Cipollino” at the Children Performances Festival: